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SSBM: Pro Tactics 3 SSBM: Pro Tactics 3

Rated 2 / 5 stars


animation and art is decent, but stop effing looping them and make ENDINGS!!!!!!!!!
But seriously you are a good artist, you just need to spend more time in the story part of thinking

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DrFishSticks responds:

fear not, the loops have ended :D
next episode: pikachu vs roy with a selectable winner
(if you want to see something I put huge effort into though, check out Spawn 3. Or Prelude To Chaos, people seem to like that)

Poopoo Bridge Music Video Poopoo Bridge Music Video

Rated 5 / 5 stars


THIS MOVIE IS SO FUNNY! I liked how he ran thru the gate, but he could have fallen off the bridge or crashed into a wall and shit himself. GREAT MOVIE!!!

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peanutfoot932 responds:

I was going to make him fall off the bridge, but I thought that it might take a little humor away, since the bridge looks so terrible. Thanks for the review!