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One of my favorites!

And it's your first flash?! wow! I can't wait to see more from you! Fav audio too!

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A few quarrels and a few kudos

Your film has a fantastic message, and looks at both sides of the argument, like any good debater should. I just wanted to say that the average gamer doesn't spend all their free time playing games. I know I spend way more time with technology than is average, but that's because I'm doing productive things. You left out the fact that knowledge of games and how they work can lead to a career in the most expansive industry in history. I'm not saying you can get that kind of experience just playing games, but creating them, no matter how simple, or even just designing one on paper.

Overall, your movie had a fantastic message, and possibly the best argument I've seen on this subject. It's refreshing to see this kind of structured argument rather than "video games are bad and cause all the problems with our youth" side of it.

Keep going, I would love to see more from you!

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I despise broken games that get high ratings

I would randomly get thrown of the stage... no matter what I did. I'm not sure why, but it always happened randomly. I could be standing still and magically appear outside the stage. I'll give you an 8 because other than the constant failure, it was a very awesome game.


This game had great potential, but it failed to meet even average standards of gameplay. The graphics and music were insanely good, but I spent 20 minutes trying to play and never got the power meter above 20. I tried again, spending my points only on downgrading his briefcase, and I never got above 30. There are some issues with the gameplay, but overall, it wasn't deathly terrible. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt with a 6/10 based on other reviews, but I was dissatisfied with this game.


I love this game. My only quarrel with it is the final monster is stupidly hard. It may be because I'm sick and my reflexes are slowed, but I couldn't kill him with lv 7 sword, lv 5 def and lv 7 magic... oh well. Fantastic game! Can't wait to see more from you!

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This song is amazing... Love your work!

I believe this song is worthy of the "vote 5" slogan...

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remindes me of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. They had this kind of style. I'd like to use it in an animation, but dont have ideas...and my computer with flash on it is fried...so in a few days I might be able to start making movies again! Anywho, very nice song. I love it!

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Devastus responds:

I've heard of Trans Siberian Orchestra but I've never got to listen what they do. I most likely should :P

Thank you for your review.

Sefu ne Menetnashte shall rise and conquer all other metal.

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