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2008-07-01 21:42:35 by magecritic

Well I finally got my computer back, so I should be able to start my projects soon. I have to find all of my software discs first, because new hard drive = no software...

whatup. hard drive is alllllll screwy. I cant make my flash ideas, please comment on them:

Naruto sprite fight collab: I'm working with Yufffie to make a 15 min compilation of naruto sprite fights. There will be Gaara, Sasuke and Kakashi in my part so far...not sure what he's doin...

My mage movie idea:
A wizard finds his powers and starts kicking ass. This is going to be my most ellaborate movie I've ever made (yes I've made more than the one I submitted). Still need some story ideas for this one...

SNM Website Project flash components:
SNM = Sefu ne Menetnashte (Sword of Power). It's a band I play guitar for and im the webmaster since im the biggest nerd there. I'm going to make a media player in flash and some banners and the logo in flash as well.

Well I should be able to start these in a few days (if the tech guy finishes doing whatever my dad wants him to do) and finish in a few...months...all of them...ugh and yay!